Ten Years of This Internet Spaceship Picture Thing

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the start of this blog.  Like some null sec alliances, it just keeps on going long after you forgot it was even a thing.

Back when EVE Online was just five years old I started posting pictures of internet spaceships.  A decade later I have a collection of screen shots that not only show various aspects of the game, but also tracks the visual evolution of the game.  You can go back to older posts and see “classic graphics” from back in the day (there is a category for it).

Or see how things look now in the more recent posts.

As always, you can click on the screen shots to see them in their full size.  Also, I swiped that Corax screen shot from an upcoming post, so you’ll see it again.

For those interested in the history and statistics of this site, I have a much longer post over on my other blog, complete with lists and numbers and some narrative.

But if you just want pictures you can click on the header to load the main page and scroll on down through the years.


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