Five Years of Spaceship Pictures and the Raven Navy Issue

I wrote a piece over on my “use your words” blog about the five year anniversary of this blog, EVE Online Pictures.

The article is full of numbers and lists and such.  You view it at your own risk.

But here I thought I would illustrate how the graphics have changed since I started this picture blog.

My example is the Caldari Raven Navy Issue, mission runner extraordinaire, and how its look has changed over the life of this blog.

Raven Navy Issue, classic graphics version, which went away with Apocrypha in March 2009:

Raven Navy Issue, premium graphics (standard with Apocrypha) version:

And the Raven Navy Issue with the Crucible graphics update:

As usual, clicking on any of the pictures should bring up the full size version.

For those that want to see the graphical changes over the years in video format, there is always the “This Is EVE” series of videos.